300TC Cotton Adjustable Bed Sheet Sets

300TC Pima Cotton Adjustable Bed Sheet Set

310 thread count Pima cotton sheets

To accommodate adjustable bed mattresses from 7" up to 21" deep

Our 300 thread count, 100% pima cotton sheets are made of a sateen weave using single pick technology, bringing you the highest quality for your sleep comfort. With several rich colors to choose from, they are sure to be a favorite.

The flat sheet and pillowcases have a 3" hem; Choose from two fitted sheet options: Conventional or Wing Style.

We're proud to say, "Made in the U.S.A."

Available options: Conventional Style, Wing Style, and Corner Anchor Straps
Choose options from the drop down box below.

Conventional Style

Conventional Style Adjustable Bed Sheets
Wing Style

Wing Style Adjustable Bed Sheets
Corner Anchor Straps

Corner Anchor Straps

Conventional Style: Fitted sheet has elastic around the entire edge, no wings.
Wing Style: Fitted sheet has elastic in corners only with wings on sides as shown in image.
Anchor Straps: Available with conventional or wing style sheets.

What is Pima Cotton?
Pima cotton is one of the highest grades of cotton in the world, ranked right behind Egyptian and Supima cotton. It is grown in select areas of the southwestern United States, where the cotton is fully irrigated and benefits from a longer growing season in a hot, dry climate. Pima cotton has long threads similar to Egyptian cotton and can be woven into a soft dense fabric. One of the advantages of pima cotton is that the thickness of the cloth it weaves creates a very durable fabric.

300TC Pima Cotton Adjustable Bed Sheets

Please note that these sheets are made to order and typically ship within 7-10 business days.

Important note: When ordering sheets for your adjustable bed, please carefully measure your mattress (width, length, and depth). In the 'Mattress Depth' drop down box below, choose your specific mattress depth (do not add any additional inches). Adjustable bed fitted sheets must be the proper depth to ensure that the fitted sheet will stay in place. By choosing your specific mattress depth, we'll make sure you receive the proper size fitted sheet for your mattress. It's that simple!

Size Dimensions Mattress Depth
6" - 11" 12" - 15" 16" - 21"
Hospital Twin30" X 80"$126.50$138.50$153.50
Hospital XL Twin30" X 84"$128.50$140.50$155.50
Hospital36" X 75"$126.50$138.50$153.50
XL Hospital36" X 80"$127.50$139.50$154.50
XXL Hospital36" X 84"$128.50$140.50$155.50
Twin39" X 75"$131.50$143.50$158.50
XL Twin39" X 80"$132.50$144.50$159.50
XXL Twin39" X 84"$134.50$146.50$161.50
Full54" X 75"$140.50$152.50$167.50
XL Full54" X 80"$141.50$153.50$168.50
XXL Full54" X 84"$141.50$153.50$168.50
Queen60" X 80"$147.50$159.50$174.50
XL Queen
(California Queen)
60" X 84"$147.50$159.50$174.50
Split Queen *2 @ 30" X 80"$198.50$210.50$225.50
California King
(Hollywood/Western King)
72" X 84"$156.50$168.50$183.50
Dual California King **2 @ 36" X 84"$203.50$215.50$230.50
Split King **2 @ 39" X 80"$203.50$215.50$230.50
King76" X 80"$156.50$168.50$183.50
Eastern King78" X 80"$156.50$168.50$183.50

Adjustable Bed Mattress Pads:

~ 300TC Cotton Plush Mattress Pad

~ Waterproof Mattress Pads

~ Adjustable Bed Heated Mattress Pad

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