About Pima Cotton

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima Cotton

Pima cotton, which is similar to Egyptian Cotton, is also known as "extra long staple" or "ELS". Pima cotton is a type of cotton found in Peru as well as the south west United States and parts of Australia.

Why is it Better than Common Cotton?

Pima cotton is naturally more durable and absorbent than other types of cotton. The word "Pima" comes from a South American Native tribe called the Pima Indians. The origin of naturally occurring Pima cotton is found in Peru where the Pima Indians lived. However, the commercial cultivation of Pima cotton started in the arid climate of the South-western United States.

Why is it better for Sheets and Linens?"

Similar to Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton has a naturally longer strand. Thus, it can be woven many more times than other types of cotton. This yields a softer and more desirable feel on the skin. Additionally, with its durable nature, the extra weaving produces an extremely durable product.

All of our Pima Cotton products are Made in the USA!

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