Articles from June 2010

What is Pima cotton?

Pima cotton is a type of extra-long staple cotton (ELS) and is one of the highest grades of cotton in the world, ranked right behind Egyptian cotton. It is grown in select areas of the southwestern United States where the cotton is fully irrigated and benefits from a longer growing season in a hot, dry climate.  Pima cotton has long threads similar to Egyptian cotton and can be woven into a soft dense fabric. One of the advantages of Pima cotton is that the thickness of the cloth it weaves creates a very durable fabric. Due to its strength, softness, durability and absorbency, it is primarily used for sheets, towels, and clothing.

Mattress Depth vs. Pocket Depth

When referring to bed sheets, what exactly does ‘pocket depth’ mean?  Many people get confused between ‘mattress depth’ and ‘pocket depth’. Simply put, the mattress depth refers to the thickness of a mattress and pocket depth is the length of the corner seam on a fitted sheet.

In order for sheets to fit properly on a bed, the fitted pocket depth needs to be only one to three inches deeper than the depth of the mattress.  Many fitted sheets in the stores these days are made with very deep pockets to accommodate all mattress depths.  The standard deep pocket sheets work well for the very deep mattresses, however with the new trend of shallow mattresses now on the market, with some being as shallow as six inches, the standard 15” to 18” fitted pockets are too loose and create uncomfortable bunching and wrinkling in the sleep surface.

If you have experienced this problem, believe it or not, there is a solution.  Cozytown Linens offers fitted sheets in one inch intervals ranging from 6” up to 25” deep.  It’s a one-of-a-kind custom service at a non-custom price, allowing you to choose the pocket depth that best fits your specific mattress.

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

When you think of Bamboo, what probably comes to mind is the unique Bamboo plant with its rigid bamboo shoots (stems),  but did you ever think of Bamboo as a soft and luxurious fabric? It may be hard to believe, but Bamboo fabric is often compared to cashmere because is it so soft and smooth. It is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass and has been growing in popularity because it has many unique properties:

1)   Bamboo fabric which is a blend of bamboo and cotton, is naturally anti-microbial, which helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on clothing and bed sheets, causing unpleasant odors.

2)   The bamboo plant itself  has natural anti-bacterial agents that make it unattractive to pests. Additionally, because it grows in such dense forests, it naturally inhibits weeds, eliminating the need for chemical herbicides.

3)     Bamboo fabric is woven from a very renewable resource and is fully bio-degradable.

4)     One great quality of Bamboo fabric is that it is cooler than cotton and wicks away moisture up to nine times faster, making it the perfect fabric for people  who experience hot flashes or tend to perspire in their sleep.

5)      Another great quality of Bamboo, as far as textile production, is that it is one the fastest-growing plants on the planet.  Because it can grow 75 feet in 45 to 60 days, this amazing plant can be harvested annually and will then regenerate itself from the roots, replacing the crop naturally without the need for re-planting or crop rotation.

So, if bamboo sheets are really that great, you’re probably wondering why we haven’t heard of them before now. The answer is simply because fabric made from bamboo is a fairly new invention.  Although bamboo bedding products have been around prior to 2003 in the United States, there are few U.S. companies actively promoting this wonderful product in the market place.