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How to Prepare Your Bed for Summertime

The sun is shining. How to Prepare Your Bed for Summertime

The green grass is starting to grow.

The days are getting longer. Summertime is coming.

It’s exciting each spring to think about the upcoming changing of the seasons.

We think about the warmth of the sun on our skin.

As the sun shines, we dream of days in the yard and trips to the beach with family and friends.

The changing of the seasons also means a change in the bedroom.

As the cold days of winter subside, it’s time to bring out the warm weather bedding.

Summer Bed Linens

Bed linens made of lightweight natural materials are best for summertime. It’s essential to find quality bed sheets for summertime because there is nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky when you crawl into your bed.

One of the keys to a good night’s sleep is to stay cool. In fact, between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended for the ideal sleeping temperature. This can be difficult to achieve in the summertime.

Cotton Bed Sheets

Cotton is a common bed linen material. Cotton is natural and breathes well. You’ll notice that most summer clothing is made of cotton or a blend of cotton and other natural fibers.

Cotton feels comfortable to the touch, which makes it comfortable for sleeping. The fibers in the cotton allow air to pass through allowing the fabric to stay dry, clean and refreshing.

This is the ideal situation for summertime sleeping.

A high thread count cotton sheet is ideal for warm weather sleeping. Sheets with 600 or more thread count are perfect for comfort and coolness.

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Another option for summertime sleeping is a set of bamboo sheets.

You might not have heard of these. They are not as common as regular cotton sheets, but they offer even more soft and smooth than the finest cotton. Bamboo sheets breathe easy and have the natural ability to wick away moisture.

For those that need a cool place to sleep in the summer, bamboo sheets could be a worthwhile investment. Consider how good it feels to wake up after a comfortable night’s sleep. There really is no price tag to put on waking up full of energy.


As the season changes to summer, it’s time to clean the house and change the bed sheets. You can put away the flannel and bring out the summer sheets.

Take off the down comforter and replace it with a more summer-friendly textile such as cotton.

And consider bamboo as an option this summer.

You’ll thank yourself when you’re sleeping sound in your cool comfortable bed during the hot August summer night.

Sunny Window courtesy of Anemone Jones