Articles from April 2019

Keeping Your Satin Fresh – How To Remove Stains & Have Peace of Mind

 It’s one of those days again. The dog jumped up on your bed after a long and messy walk. You find big, dirty stains on your beautiful, Cozy Linens satin bedspread – the last thing you needed to happen today. Luckily, with the right care, many of these can be removed with gentleness and care.

For a dirt stain, begin by brushing off the excess dirt. Doing so will ensure that you’re not rubbing the dirt deeper into the satin during the removal process. Secondly, apply soap to a damp cloth. Hand soap allowed. Using cold water to wet the cloth, rub the cloth together until the soap forms a lather. Now, try not to rub the stain. Blot it! Otherwise, the fibers in the satin can break down more quickly and wear out your material. Blotting will cause less damage as it lifts the stain from the material. As you repeat the motion with clean parts of the cloth, follow the grain of the material for a swift and smooth removal.

As for washing, you’re going to want to soak the item in cold water and mild detergent for around 3-5 minutes. Be gentle, working the material through your hands in the water to penetrate the fibers. Rinse until there are no leftover suds, and lay flat on another type of fabric to air dry. Avoid putting your satin in direct sunlight, limiting the damage to the fabric and preserving the rich color of your Cozytown linens.

Do all you can to protect your favorite bedspread – or anything satin, for that matter! We’re big satin fans around here, and we’ll be the first to say, “Satin Lives Matter.” For more information on how to remove oil stains and/or blood stains from satin, visit this article on WikiHow.