Articles from July 2019

Top 4 Laundry Tips for Busy People

Lets face it, nobody likes doing laundry. It takes up time from our busy day, it makes us miss simpler times when our moms did it for us, and it is beyond tedious. Here are some tips that will help you get through the laundry process and ensure that you keep your sanity, and that your clothing and linens retain their high quality. 

1. Create a Laundry Basket System

Go to your local walmart or target and purchase a 3 part laundry sorting product. This will allow you to organize your clothes into three separate categories, lights, darks and pastels. Only good habits can be formed by owning one of these because you get used to always having a place for your clothes. It also allows you to do smaller, less overwhelming loads because you will have a better handle on which clothes are clean and which clothes are dirty.

2. Adding a Dry Towel to the Dryer

We’ve all been in the situation where you needed a specific pair of pants before going out, but the dryer’s cycle isn’t done yet. In this situation, remember that you can add a dry, clean towel to the mix to help dry your pants faster. 

3. Use the Dryer as an Iron

The ultimate time saver is the dryer’s ability to get wrinkles out of your clothes. This saves you from the effort needed to pull out the ironing table and iron. Just set the dryer on a ten minute cycle when you need wrinkles out of some clothing, and you should be set to go.

4. Stay Consistent 

The best way to reduce the stress and time consuming task of doing laundry is to be consistent. Mark your calendars for the days and times that you know you will be able to do laundry and this will help you get down a schedule that works great for you. You can keep up with your busy life so much easier when you can keep up with your laundry.