Choosing a Blanket for Your Bed

Choosing a Blanket for Your BedAs winter approaches, adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed can help you sleep better at night. With a blanket to accompany your comforter you can save energy by turning the heat down while you sleep and still stay comfortable.

You need to start by finding a blanket that is the appropriate size for your bed. Measure your bed so you can be sure to have an exact fit. Next decide what type of material you would like. Blankets come in down, cotton, polyester, wool and more. Some factors that you may want to consider when choosing your blanket are allergy concerns, ease of washing, and softness.


Cotton blankets have withstood the test of time for many generations with its softness, warmth and breathability. Cotton will naturally shrink, but shrinkage should be minimal and limited to the first couple of washings. A cotton blanket will also become softer over time with repeated washings. Using an organic cotton blanket will ensure that the blanket is free of chemicals. This can be an ideal blanket for people with sensitive skin.


Down blankets are lighter in weight than down comforters. They can be used in addition to comforters or on their own. They offer comfortable light weight, yet warm insulation. If you suffer from allergies you may want to be careful of down. They can often collect allergens and are a bit more difficult to wash than cotton blankets.  A hypo-allergenic down blanket, is a great alternative if you are concerned about allergies.


Polyester is a man-made fiber and typically less expensive than cotton. Polyester blankets are usually not as soft as cotton, but are warm and durable. Whether they are 100% polyester or a blend with other fibers, they can withstand many washings and hold up well. If you suffer with allergies, a blanket containing polyester may be an ideal choice since it can be washed regularly in hot temperatures to ward off dust mites and other allergens.

Choosing the Best Blanket

Choosing the right blanket for your bed can help to ensure a better nights sleep, although it may make it harder to get out of a warm bed in the morning. Make an informed choice when buying a blanket by determining what criteria are most important to you; softness, durability, warmth, ease of care, or absence of dyes or chemicals. Taking your time finding a blanket you love will help keep you comfortable and warm for many nights to come.

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