Does Your Bed Measure Up?

Did you know that not all mattresses are made to a standard size?  Being in the bed linen business for over ten years, I have found that there is no longer a standard by which the bed manufacturers adhere to.  They come close, but the measurements vary up to two inches (or more) in the width and length.  For example, the standard queen has always measured in at 60 x 80, but now you will find that some queen beds measure 58 x 78.  I was stunned to find this with my own Tempurpedic queen mattress.

King size beds come in many different widths, ranging from 74” up to 77”, even though they claim to be a standard 76” wide.  The length can vary up to two inches as well. And then there is the Eastern King, which measures 78 x 80, but does it really?

If you have a twin or full size bed, don’t think you have escaped this problematic issue.  The actual width and length of these beds tend to vary one or two inches as well.

So if your fitted sheets never seem to fit properly, this may be the reason why.

How does your bed measure up?

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