Tips for Choosing a Comforter

 comf-setA comforter may be the most important part of your bedroom decor. Not only does it dress up the centerpiece of your bedroom, but it also provides warmth and comfort at night. Choose a comforter that is both cozy and attractive. Be sure to find something that fits your style. A quality comforter will be the centerpiece of your bedroom for a long time.


Comforters are made out of several types of materials. They are typically have a front and a back panel with some type of fill in the middle and are then quilted to keep the fill in place. The fill is what makes them different from a blanket. Comforters can be made from cotton, down, wool, synthetic materials and more. Your temperature preferences, climate and other needs will help you determine what kind of comforter is best for you.


Quality cotton comforters are soft and comfortable. They are usually more easily washed than the other materials. They also come in a greater variety of colors and patterns. If your climate is fairly moderate, cotton comforters should provide plenty warmth in the winter and keep you cool enough in the summer.

Wool, Down and Synthetic

Wool, down and synthetic comforters provide more insulation while sleeping. They are especially ideal for cold winters and chilly bedrooms. With the right comforter you can turn down the thermostat and save some money at night. Down is a great insulator as well as soft and fluffy, but may cause problems for people with allergies. Wool is excellent at wicking away moisture and keeping you both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Synthetics are very similar to down comforters but can made to reduce exposure to allergens. All three of these materials typically only come in white. They are more difficult to wash so you will most likely want to use a duvet cover. Duvet covers protect the comforter and are easy to remove and wash. They can also add style and color to your bed.


Choosing a solid colored comforter or duvet cover will give you more options when selecting your decor. You can accent the comforter with patterned pillows, window treatments or even wall paper. A solid color will give you more versatility and allow you to change your decor more often without having to buy a new comforter. Some comforters are also reversible, allowing your to choose from two different coordinating colors each time you make your bed.

Remember to choose something that fits your style and will keep you comfortable. A great comforter will lead to a good night of sleep.


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