What Bedding Should You Have on Hand?

What Bedding Should You Have on HandHow much bedding you should keep in your linen closet can be a very subjective debate. A lot will depend on how many and what kind of beds you have, how often you like to change your sheets, as well as how drastic your seasonal weather changes are.

Changing Sheets

The general rule is that sheets should be changed about once a week. It is important to wash your sheets in warm water regularly to get rid of any bacteria or dust mites. You may want to do this more often if you suffer from allergies. If you want to be able to make your bed again quickly, before your sheets have made it all the way through the wash, you may want to have at least two sets of sheets per bed. That way you can make the bed with a new set and fold up the clean ones for the following week. You may want to change your pillowcases more often especially if you are allergic to dust-mites, so having a few extra oh hand for a quick replacement is very helpful.

Children’s beds and crib sheets may require more frequent washing. If you want to wait to do a full load of laundry before you wash them you may want to have three or four sets on hand.


Don’t forget about your guests. If you have an air mattress, sofa bed, or guest bed you want to have the appropriate bedding on hand for them. You don’t have to have a comforter if you don’t want to but a few extra blankets are nice. Guest beds generally require only one set of sheets because you are not likely to change them during their stay.

Seasonal Bedding

Next, you should consider changing your bedding material according to the season. Think about having a cool, light weight sheet set for the summer, and warm, cozy flannel sheets for the winter. An extra blanket might also be important to add to your bed for the winter months. If you live in an extremely cold climate, consider investing in an electric blanket or heated mattress pad.

Quality Sheets

Most likely, you will want to have between three and four sets of sheets per bed; two summer sets of sheets and two winter sets. Buying quality sheet sets will help your sheets last longer and be more comfortable. If you like to change your decor regularly, choose neutral colors like white or off white which will go with anything. Determine exactly what you want to have on hand and what will make your life easiest then invest in the right bedding for each season.

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