Why Use a Duvet Cover?

Has your bedroom had the same decor as long as you can remember? Is your comforter getting worn out, or are you just tired of that floral print? A duvet cover may be the perfect solution for you. Without having to redecorate entirely, a duvet cover can add a quick splash of color to your bedroom.


A duvet cover is designed to fit over a comforter. Traditionally, this was a down comforter, but they will typically fit over any kind of comforter. They are ideal for plain white down or synthetic comforters, because these types of comforters are difficult to wash. They often loose their shape if washed improperly. A duvet cover can slip on and off easily and it is usually machine washable. This helps you keep your bedding clean and free from allergens very easily.


Down comforters are also usually sold as plain white. Adding a duvet cover will allow you to fit a down comforter into any decorative style. Use a solid color duvet cover with printed sheets, or choose several colors that work well together for a bold look. For example, use several shades of purple, a dark purple duvet cover, over a lighter purple blanket with lavender or white sheets.

With many of choices for colors and styles, a duvet cover can be the perfect way to change the decor in your bedroom, without having to paint or change the carpet. Simply find a style that works with what you have. If you have print wallpaper, use a duvet cover that will bring out some of the subtler colors in the wallpaper. If your walls are painted, use a duvet cover that is a slightly lighter or darker shade than the paint. If your walls are white, choose your favorite color and then accent with art that compliments those colors. Pillow shams are another great way to dress up your room, and make good use of color.

Whether you want to protect a new comforter, or transform an old comforter, a duvet cover is a perfect choice. Have fun experimenting with color and style as you transform your bedroom with one easy and useful bedding accessory. Do you have any bedroom decorating tips?

Photo “When changing the duvet cover goes wrong” courtesy of Phil Hawksworth


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