Why You Should Use a Bedskirt

dust_ruffleBedskirts, which can also be called dust ruffles, are a very useful piece of bedroom decor. They add a more formal touch to your bedroom’s focal piece, but they have function as well.


Bedskirts are placed under your mattress and hang down around the box spring and bed frame. The hem of the bedskirt typically meets the floor, covering the metal bars and legs of the frame. Bedskirts are also called dust ruffles because one of the functions of a dust ruffle is to prohibit dust from collecting under your bed. In addition to blocking dust, bedskirts make it easy to use space under the bed for storage. A bedskirt will help hide unsightly storage boxes. 


Bedskirts are usually available in two styles; ruffled or tailored. The ruffled skirt has a gathered ruffle that goes all they way around the bed. The tailored skirts are straight with occasional pleat giving a more box like appearance to the bed. Bedskirts can be found in prints or patterns that match or accent your comforter and other bedroom decor. Bedskirts are also often crafted from attractive lace. 


When you are buying your bedskirt you will want to make sure the bedskirt is the right size. It will not hang evenly or lay attractively around the bed if it is not an exact fit. About.com Interior Decorating suggests that even if you know your bed size, measure the length and width anyway because even standard sizes can vary every now and then. After you know the length and width you will want to measure the drop. The drop is the distance from the top of the box spring to the floor. If your measurements vary at all from the standard sizes, you may want to order a custom bedskirt. That way you will know it will look exactly right on your bed and the skirt will reach all the way to the floor without dragging.

Complete Your Decor

Bedskirts are an excellent way to keep your bedroom looking neat and well put together. Use a bedskirt to add a little flair to your decor or simply blend in with a matching solid color. You bed is often the focal point of the bedroom and your bedding set is not complete without a bedskirt. Find a great bedskirt that fits well to give your room a finished and attractive look!

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