Why You Should Use a Pillow Protector

A pillow protector is different from a pillow case. It can be made from various materials, but it encloses the entire pillow and zips shut. You can then place a pillow case over the top.

There are several reasons why you should be using a pillow protector.

Pillow protectors are easier to clean.

They are much easier to wash and dry than pillows themselves. Using pillow protectors will allow you to wash the casing much more frequently. Not having to wash the pillow itself as often will lengthen the life of the pillow.

They prevent allergens.

Pillow protectors can keep dust mites and their leavings from pilling up in your pillow. They add another layer to “catch” the pests before they wind up in your pillow filling. A simple, hot wash will remove the allergens from your pillow protector. If you are sensitive to dust mites, you will not have to replace your pillow as often when you use a pillow protector. In addition to dust mites, Bedding Care suggests covers will also protect your pillow from bacteria, dust and mold.

You can take it with you.

You may not always be able to bring your own pillow when you travel. Pillow protectors fold up nicely and fit easily into luggage. You can put your own pillow protector on hotel pillows or guest room pillows. This will help you avoid allergens in spaces that are different from your home. It can also make you feel a bit better hygienically.

High quality

Choose a pillow protector that is made from high quality fabrics. These pillow protectors will withstand more washing. They also provide a bit more comfort and extra softness and fluff to your pillow. Higher quality fabrics will more effectively protect your pillow.

Feeling Better

You rest your head on your pillow every night. Every night your pillow is exposed to dead skin cells, perspiration, and more. Keeping your pillow protected with an extra layer of washable material will help your pillow last longer. Investing in a few pillow protectors will save money on pillows in the long run. Cleaning your pillow protector regularly will help keep you safe from allergens and bacteria. You may sleep better at night and feel better during the day if you start sleeping with a pillow protector.


Photo “seven pillows” courtesy of Joel Kramer

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