Bedroom Decorating Ideas-Room Dividers

It is believed that a person falls asleep easier when the only thing they do in their bedroom is sleep. Doing work in the bedroom can cause your mind to race when it is time to sleep, and your body has more difficulty distinguishing between time to work and time to sleep. This can be a difficult problem when the best space in your house for a home office or work space is also the bedroom.

Different Materials

Because of their size and distance from the typical commotion of more central places in the house, master bedrooms are often the ideal choice for a home office. Fortunately, the problem of sharing work space and sleep space can be solved with a stylish room divider. Creating this division will allow to use all of the space in your room and still have an ideal sleeping environment.

There is a large variety of materials that can be used to divide rooms. A simple bookshelf can be both functional and create a barrier between work space and sleep space. Old folding doors can be found at thrift stores, antique shops or even salvaged from remodeling construction sites.  Refinished, they can make a beautiful and functional room divider.  HGTV  gives instructions for covering doors with fabric so you can creatively complement your master bedroom decor.

Fabric can also be used to divide the room by hanging it like a curtain. The advantage of this room divider is that it can be easily moved to open up the space when necessary.  Another simple room divider that can be easily moved, are vases. Fill tall vases with willow branches. Place several in a row. This will create the sense of separation without completely closing off the space.

For a more permanent room divider, consider installing glass blocks or textured glass. Better Homes and Gardens points out that this approach will allow the spaces to share light and still give a sense of openness, while creating separate space.

Traditional room screens can also be found at retailers and antique shops. Browsing antique shops may give you additional ideas for material that can be used as dividers, such as shuttered windows or floor length mirrors.

These are just a few ways you can make your space more functional without sacrificing quality sleep. The possibilities are endless and can be used anywhere in your house to create individual spaces without putting up a new wall.


Photo “Sakura room divider” Courtesy of Manisha B.

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