How to Brighten Your Room

How to Brighten Your Room

Brighten up your dark room.

During winter cloudy days and long nights can make your home seem extra dark. As the longest nights of the year are upon us, lift your spirits a bit by using these tips to brighten your bedroom.


The winter is a great time to paint because all of your outside projects are on hold. It has been very trendy to paint entire rooms or accent walls in dark colors. While it looks very attractive, it may be making your space too dark and dreary. Consider painting your bedroom white. If you prefer to have color, choose a shade that is soft and bright. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in changing the look and feel of your private space. It’s important to note that when painting during the winter months, be sure to ventilate the room by opening a window or door. The paint fumes are not only harmful to humans, but small pets as well.


The lighting levels within a room have a huge effect on your mood. Choose a fun new chandelier or add sconce lighting beside your bed. Find something that will match your style and brighten your space. More bulbs in your room mean a sunnier feel. Be careful when buying your bulbs. Bulbs that are labeled outdoor light are a cold, bluish color. Choose a warm bulb for your bedroom for a homier feel.


Add fresh,crisp white sheets to your bed. Having bright white sheets can help you feel clean and warm. Pair the sheets with adown comforter andbright duvet to keep you extra cozy on cold nights.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can add a springtime look and scent to your bedroom even in the middle of winter. Place a small bud vase on your nightstand or place a larger arrangement on your dresser or even on your bathroom. Living houseplants are a more long lasting way to bring the outdoors inside and brighten up your space.


You may not want to invest the time or money into replacing your carpet. Adding a rug is a fast and easy alternative. Find a rug with a bright color or lively pattern to transform your room and refresh your floor.


TLC suggests adding mirrored surfaces or cut glass to reflect light around the room. A decorative mirror will help your space appear larger and brighter.

Small Touches

These are just a few things you can do to brighten up a dreary feeling room. You can go as far as remodeling with new paint and decor, or simply add a few flowers or plants. Even small touches can help dark days seem a little lighter.

How do you brighten your home in the winter?

Image: “Sunny Window” by ilovebutter



  1. Great post! These are all helpful tips. One of the best ways to brighten a room is to install a skylight. It will flood the place with natural light. Studies suggest that not only is it visually appealing, but the natural lighting from skylights can increase productivity and elevate mood. There have also been extensive studies on the effect of sunlight on the human psyche, and the benefits are enormous!

  2. Donna says:

    The lighting is probably the most important thing in the room, for me at least. Different lights bring different atmospheres to the room so it’s really important to choose the right one to sync with the design and colors.
    This post is very helpful, I will try it for a little change.

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