How to Organize Your Sock Drawer


Matching socks result in a well kept drawer.

Take It All Out

Start by taking everything out. Be honest with yourself about what you still use and what is worn out or uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things. You can even compost items that are 100% cotton.

Once you have sorted out what you want to keep, you can put the rest back in the drawer in an organized fashion.

Expanding Files

Home for 4 Sweet Home suggests using a plastic expanding file for sorting your underwear. All you need to do is cut the bottom of the file to release the accordion shape. If you need to, you can cut the top of the plastic file to fit the height of your drawer. Then insert your folded underwear in the slots.


You can also use small plastic dollar store baskets to sort out your socks and underwear. If you don’t want to buy anything, you can cut portions of shoe boxes or other spare cardboard to create dividers to separate different items in your drawer.

Stray Socks

Stray, unmatched socks often plague unorganized sock drawers. Sort out your stray socks and place them in a special section in the drawer. If you don’t find a match within three laundry cycles, throw out the stray or repurpose it. Old socks have endless uses, especially for creative kids.

Extra Touches

To make your drawer look even nicer, line it with shelf paper. You can use shelf paper with rubber grips to keep dividers and baskets from slipping. Place a small sachet in the drawer to give your socks and underwear a faint, pleasant scent. If you are are sensitive to smells, you can use baking powder instead of a sachet. A small container of baking powder with a few holes in the top will keep you drawer from smelling stale without adding extra fragrance.

Stay Organized

Once your drawer is organized, help it stay that way. Don’t use it to stash miscellaneous items. Get rid of pieces you don’t use and match those stray socks. It will feel so good to start out the new year with fresh and organized drawers. Where do you start your spring cleaning?

Image: “My Sock Drawer” by Mr. T in DC.

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