Kids Art for your Bedroom

Pieces of art in your bedroom add life and color to an often overlooked area of the house. If you have a family you don’t have to go far to find beautiful, unique pieces of art to hang in your bedroom. There are many creative and stylish ways to display your child’s art so that your bedroom will honor your child’s work, while remaining an adult sanctuary. Not only is your child’s art great decoration, but giving your child’s work center stage will show them you value their hard work and creativity.  

Frame It

One of the easiest ways to display your child’s art is simply to frame it. You can buy prefabricated frames and cut your child’s art to the appropriate size. Or, if it is something you want to keep for a long time, consider having it custom framed. Pair several pieces of art, with purchased prints to create a collage above your headboard. Don’t forget to use mats when appropriate to develop an even more professional look. There are also hinged frames available that open without removing them from the wall. These frames allow you to change artwork easily and store old artwork.


Apartment Therapy suggests using curtain rods and metal clips to hang the art. You can hang the rods in rows over your bed, or on a small wall in your bedroom. Or, just place a single rod above dresser. This allows art to be easily interchanged and several pieces to be hung at once. The design is both casual and refined, and the art can be displayed sparsely, or densely overlapped, according to your preference.


A collage is another fun way to create a work of art that can display numerous pieces at one time. Remodelista shows a professional collage using pictures of art work. The professional design displayed in this example is very expensive, but a similar version could be made using a digital camera and ordering or printing your own prints. Take pictures of individual works, and then print them in a uniform size. They can then be fixed to a background in a pattern you design or as a grid and placed in a frame.

Better than a Bulletin Board

Another idea uses old frames, or frames that match your decor. Cover a piece of cardboard, cut to fit the frame, with some trendy fabric and a little bit of batting. Place the covered cardboard in the frame without the glass covering. You can then use push pins to display the latest piece of art in the frame. This has the same functionality as a bulletin board, while being slightly more sophisticated.

With a little creativity and work, you can make your child’s art into fun decor for your bedroom.  How do you display your children’s art?


Photo, “Child Art, Apple Portrait” courtesy of Ano Lobo

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