Making New Year’s Resolutions that Stick


Write down your resolutions to keep them fresh in your mind.


Make your resolution measurable so that you have something specific to aim for. Instead of saying “I’m going to keep the house clean,” say “I’m going to vacuum every Tuesday.” It is one specific item that you can evaluate whether or not it happened every Tuesday.


Make sure your resolution is one you can actually do. You may not be able to become an astronaut this year, but you can take a course on astronomy at the community college. Don’t set yourself up to fail before you’ve even begun. Choose resolutions that will change your life and that you can accomplish. Avoid feeling guilty by keeping your resolutions simple.

Feeling Good

Chances are that if your resolution helps you feel good, you will have no problem continuing it throughout the year. Getting more sleep, exercising more and eating a healthy breakfast are all examples of types of resolutions that will combat stress and help you feel well. 

Too Many

Don’t make too many resolutions. You will forget your resolutions or feel too bogged down if you list is too long. Pick one or two resolutions that you feel inspired to keep and stick to those.


Write down your resolutions. You will be more likely to remember and evaluate whether you are keeping your resolutions if they are written down. You may even want to post them on your refrigerator or mirror where you will be reminded of them regularly. When you write them down you can also track your progress.

Practical Changes

New Year’s resolutions are not just another to do list or distant wish list. New Year’s resolutions can be practical changes that you can make in your daily life to feel better about yourself. You can reduce stress and improve your health by sticking to a few small resolutions throughout the entire year. What resolutions are you making this year?

Image: “Resolving to Write More – a Worthy Thought” by vanhookc

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