Tips for Avoiding Allergens During the Holiday Season

Tips for Avoiding Allergens During the Holiday Season

Dust off your tree and ribbons.

Allergens are lurking all over your home during the holidays. Make your Christmas season more enjoyable by removing these pesky allergens.

Christmas Tree

Using an artificial tree instead of a real tree can help many allergy sufferers feel better during the holiday season. If you are using an artificial tree, don’t forget to remove the dust it collects each year. You can remove dust before you set it up by gently vacuuming it with an upholstery brush attachment or a small hand held vacuum. Test a small section in the back of your tree to make sure your vacuum isn’t too strong before cleaning more visible portions of the tree.

WikiHow also suggests wiping the tree down with a damp cloth. Use a small amount mild dish soap in a bucket of water. Wring out your cloth so that it is barely wet and carefully wipe down the tree. Make sure you aren’t leaving behind suds or drips of water.

Using a bag to store your Christmas tree each year will also prevent your tree from collecting excessive dust while it is in storage.

Artificial wreaths and garland can also be cleaned in a similar manner.


When you pull out your flannel sheets and down comforters be sure to wash them before putting them on your bed. Storing your seasonal sheets in a storage container or bag will also help cut down on the dust that collects in them. Washing your sheets with a half cup of vinegar will help remove any musty smells the sheets may have collected.


Some people are sensitive to burning candles. If it is the burning that bothers you use a candle warmer instead. You can melt scented wax cubes and still get the desired aroma without burning a wick. If it is the scent that causes problems, simply freshen your kitchen or bathroom by putting out a small container of baking soda. The baking soda will absorb odors without covering them with another scent.


Ribbons on wreaths and other decorations can also collect dust or mildew while being stored. Consider replacing your ribbons each year to avoid any mold or mildew. Storing decorations in plastic tubs will also protect them from any unwanted moisture that causes mold and mildew.

A few extra steps can and some caution used when storing seasonal items can help you feel healthier throughout the winter season. During the winter, when you spend more time in your home, you want to remove anything that might make you feel sick. What do you do to feel great during the holiday season?

Image: “Christmas Tree Closeup 7” by Zechariah Judy

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