How to Design Your Bedroom for the Best Sleep

Is it possible to design your bedroom for better sleep? How to Design Your Bedroom for the Best Sleep

Many scientific studies seem to prove that design can improve your mood and overall health. Concerning sleep, there are many variables in design that can have an impact on how well you sleep at night.

The issue of good sleep is an important one. Memory seems to be the biggest benefactor of sleep. In a recent study, scientists found that sleep enabled the brain to take in and store new information.

One aspect that can often be overlooked is the way your bedroom is designed. The environment you sleep in has just as much importance as other factors when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Design Your Bedroom for Good Sleep

There are a few key factors that lead to a good bedroom design. Each has importance and all focus on easing your mind and allowing your body, mind and soul to be peaceful and at ease as you ready to lay down each night.

Stress Free Layout – It’s important to have few barriers in the bedroom. One example of a good bedroom design is to not put a bed against the wall. This is especially important if two people are using the bed.

Eye Pleasing – The human mind is triggered by design. Each of us has our own design tastes. There are objects that are pleasing to our eye. When we see something beautiful we feel calm and at ease. There is no more important time to feel at ease than right before bed time. Surround yourself with soft tones and colors that are calming and make you feel peaceful as you lay down to rest. For some this might mean shades of white and tan with soft fabrics. Curves are also another calming design element as opposed to sharp, metallic lines.

Comfortable Fabrics – The design of a bedroom also includes the way your bedroom feels. You want the items to feel calming and peaceful. This brings curves and softness back again as they were mentioned above. You want soft curtains, soft carpets, a soft mattress and comfortable bed linens as well. In the wintertime this usually means soft, warm flannel sheets. They are perfect for letting your body fall into bed and drift off to dream.


Quality sleep is something we all strive for at night. Try these few simple tips in your bedroom and you’ll be setting yourself up for a great night of sleep.

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