How to Get More Sleep

Often times when our lives get busy, sleep is one of the first things we cut out. However, sleep is essential for good health and the ability to stay focused and alert. Here are a few ways you can catch a few more zzz’s in the midst of your busy life.

How to Get More Sleep

1.     Turn Off The TV

Skipping out on just a half an hour of TV at night will give you a little more time to sleep. It will also help you fall asleep faster because the blue spectrum light from the television can stimulate your brain, prevent production of melatonin and keep you awake longer. If you need noise to fall asleep, consider using a radio instead.

2.     Take A Nap.

 If you find that you are tired during the day, a quick 20 minute nap will not interfere with your nighttime sleep. Taking a quick nap can re=energize your mind and body, and help you to be more efficient. Be sure to keep your nap time limited to 20 minutes. Taking a long nap will actually have the reverse affect and cause you to feel more tired, as well as interrupt your restful sleep at night.

3.     Turn Down The Lights.

Turn off a few lights or dim them if you can in the evening. Turning down the lights will simulate a natural sunset and help your body feel sleepy sooner in the evening, prompting you to go to bed earlier.

4.     Use The Snooze.

A habit of hitting the snooze button may not be healthy, but it won’t hurt you to use it when you really need it. Hit it just once, and those 9-15 minutes may be just what you need to make it through the morning. Whatever you miss in your morning prep time wasn’t as important as those few extra minutes of sleep on that particular day.

5.     Don’t Read In Bed

When you read in bed you may be tempted to stay up longer than you would have if you were reading in another room. If you like to read to relax, sit up in another room and set a timer for when you want to finish. That way you won’t get caught up in the book and avoid going to sleep. This will also help you fall asleep easier when you climb into bed, because when the only thing you do in your bed is sleep, getting into bed sends signals to your brain that it is time to sleep.

Try one of these five tips to squeeze in a few extra minutes of sleep. A few minutes here and there can add up over time. You may find yourself less stressed and more productive during the day when you are getting the proper amount of sleep.

What tricks do you have for getting enough sleep at night?

Image: “Sleep, Don’t Weep” momo

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