Is Your Alarm Clock Bad for Your Health?

Reduce chronic stress by getting rid of your loud alarm clock.

Reduce chronic stress by getting rid of your loud alarm clock.

You may find your alarm clock annoying as it beeps at you in the early hours of the morning, but did you know it can also be bad for your health?

Physical Effects

ABC News cites a study done by the National Institute of Health in Japan that found alarm clocks raise heart rate and blood pressure as well as increase adrenaline. The increase in adrenaline may help you get up and moving, but daily exposure to these alarm clock side effects can take its toll on your health.


In addition to the negative health effects, abrupt waking during a deep sleep cycle can also seriously impact your daily performance. Being woken up during deep sleep can affect your memory as well as your ability to think clearly. Alarm clocks have no regard for your natural sleep rhythms and can easily wake you during some of your most important sleep stages.

Alternatives to Abrupt Mornings

Unfortunately, for most of us, alarm clocks are a necessity. They help us get to work on time, make our planes, and get the kids to school. There are a few ways to reduce the negative impact of alarm clocks and still be on time:

  • Go to bed earlier. Getting more sleep will help you feel more rested and you are less likely to be awakened suddenly by your alarm clock.
  • Go to sleep and get up at the same time everyday. Getting your body used to a sleeping rhythm will eventually eliminate the need for an alarm clock.
  • Use natural light. Our bodies are designed to work with the natural rhythms of the sun rising and setting. Crack open your blinds to let some light in during the morning hours. You can also use artificial light, like a sunrise alarm clock, to help your body wake more gently.
  • If you need noise to wake up, find a sound that is gentler than a beep or a buzz. Use soft music or chimes instead.

Ease Into Your Morning

Avoid the risk of chronic stress caused by the very first thing you encounter everyday. Change a few habits so that you can wake up gradually instead of abruptly. Hopefully you will find that you are more calm and more productive throughout your day. Better productivity will ultimately lead to more time to sleep breaking the cycle of staying up too late and setting your alarm clock to wake you up when you are not rested.

Have you ever tried getting rid of your alarm clock?

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