Ways to Reduce Stress

ways to relieve stress

We all experience stress every day of our lives. Whether it be from work, school, family, friends, or that old woman that drives 30 MPH in a 50, we all have stress in our lives. You may be wondering what you can do to eliminate some of the stress, but the truth is, it is how we deal with that stress that makes all the difference. Here are just a few helpful tips to help you deal with the irritating situations in your life.

1) Listen to music: listen to your favorite songs. It has been proven that listening to music can reduce stress and have a positive effect on overall health.

2) Journal: Writing in a journal even once a day is a great way to stay focused, process emotions, and solve every day problems.

3) Laugh: It is scientifically proven that laughing really is the “best medicine”. Laughing exercises your diaphragm muscle and heart, as well as your abdominals, leaving them feeling more relaxed. Laughter also distracts us from negative emotions, possibly better than any other mere distractions.

4) Reduce Caffeine: Reduce your caffeine intake throughout your day. Caffeine tends to bother sleeping habits at night, leaving you feeling tired and cranky in the morning. Feeling tired throughout your day is just what the body needs to be easily stressed.

5) Take up a hobby: Even though life may already be busy enough, it’s still important to take time to do things you enjoy such as reading, playing an instrument or sport, crocheting, scrap booking, etc. An enjoyable break is much needed and good for the soul.

These are just a few examples of how to reduce stress, and you probably have a few techniques of your own.  Whatever works for you, place it high on your priority list. Take the time to relax your body and your mind so that you can enjoy every moment of every day.

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