SnugFleece II Wool Mattress Pads


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SnugFleece II Mattress Pads

100% American Virgin Wool Mattress Pads

Due to supply chain issues and manufacturing not running at full capacity, the SnugFleece Original and SnugFleece II wool mattress pads will only be available on Amazon (Sold by SnugFleece) when available. 

Bedtime becomes a welcome hour when you nestle into wool. The SnugFleece II wool mattress pad is manufactured with the same high standards as the SnugFleece Original at a more economical price, having 2/3 the amount of wool as the SnugFleece Original. The SnugFleece II has a 1 3/4" pile height and 60 ounces of wool per linear yard. Dry Clean Only.

Constructed with a T232 cotton backing and 2" corner straps.

SnugFleece Guarantee:
SnugFleece Woolens offers a limited one year Manufacturing Warranty and a 30 Day Comfort Satisfaction Guarantee. Try one out for 30 days, and if you're not completely satisfied, you can return it for a refund.

Made in the U.S.A.

Free Shipping within the continental US (lower 48 states only;
(please contact us for shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada).

Why use wool?
From arctic cold to tropic heat; wool works because of its ability to act as a natural thermostat.

Wool Breathes, Keeping You
Warm in Winter ~ Cool in Summer


~ In summer you snooze cool because of wool's ability to wick moisture away from you on hot, muggy summer nights. A single fiber can absorb 30% of its weight in body vapor, thus cooling you down. No more sticky sheets!

~ In winter you doze cozy because wool is a natural insulator. Air spaces between the fibers trap body heat and circulate warm air next to your body. You are warm on the coldest nights.

~ Gives relief for allergy sufferers because SnugFleece wool is sanitized with Ultra-Fresh to prevent the growth of microorganisms.


Sleep Soundly ~ Sleep Better
Wool's naturally crimped fibers form a springy, cushioned support that cradles your body, relieving pressure points, muscle aches and back pain. Nothing soothes the body and reduces body fatigue like wool. You sleep better on wool because you quickly fall into a deep, restful sleep. In the morning, you're recharged for the day ahead. While wool is not a miracle cure, it has soothing qualities that help those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, and injuries. Hospitals have used wool for years to enhance their patient's comfort. It is a natural sleeping aid for a better night's rest.
Pure Virgin Wool Mattress Covers Provide Pain Relief from Aching Pressure Points

SnugFleece Wool Mattress Cover

SnugFleece II Wool Mattress Pad

Size Dimensions Price
Crib 28" X 52"
(71cm X 132cm)
Massage 30" X 73"
(76cm X 185cm)
Twin 39" X 75"
(99cm X 190cm)
XL Twin 39" X 80"
(99cm X 203cm)
XXL Twin
39" X 84"
(99cm X 213cm)
Super Single
48" X 84"
(121cm X 213cm)
Full 54" X 75"
(137cm X 190cm)
XL Full 54" X 80"
(137cm X 203cm)
RV Queen 60" X 75"
(152cm X 190cm)
Queen 60" X 80"
(152cm X 203cm)
XL Queen 60" X 84"
(152cm X 213cm)
Olympic Queen 66" X 80"
(168cm X 203cm)
Split Queen Two 30" X 80"
(76cm X 203cm)
King 78" X 80"
(193cm X 203cm)
California King 72" X 84"
(183cm X 213cm)
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