How to Buy Bed Sheets

What You Need To Know Before Buying Bed Sheets

At Cozytown Linens we understand that buying bed sheets is an investment, and as with any investment it is important to be informed so that you can feel confident knowing you've made a wise and sound investment. We want to help you do just that when it comes to buying bed sheets. That is why we've put together a list of very important information you need to know before making a purchase.

HOW TO AVOID a fitted sheet that is TOO BIG and causes a WRINKLED MESS in the sleep surface.

  1. MEASURE YOUR MATTRESS WIDTH AND LENGTH even though you know what size it 'should' be.


Knowing the exact dimensions of your mattress is ESSENTIAL to obtain a proper fit.

Many bed manufacturers do not make their beds to the standard size and undercut them by up to two inches in the width and length. This is very common. Don't be fooled into thinking that well-known brands such as Tempur-Pedic are an exception to this very common practice. A mattress that has been undercut will affect how sheets fit.

Example: A standard queen should measure 60 x 80, but a mattress that has been undercut may measure 58 x 78 or 58 x 79, etc. We see them in all sizes.

Here is brief list of the common standard sizes:

Twin: 39 x 75
Full: 54 x 75
Queen: 60 x 80
King: 76 x 80

Read more about mattress sizes on our blog.


See our FAQ for a guide on how to measure the width, length and depth of your mattress.

(As a note: We only cut in full one inch increments, so if the depth of your mattress measures to a half inch, round up to the nearest inch. Example: A mattress depth of 10.5" should be considered 11")

Once you have your exact mattress measurements you need to know the difference between:

Mattress Depth vs Pocket Depth

On our website certain bed sheets are ordered according to 'mattress depth' and others by 'pocket depth'.

What is the difference?

Mattress Depth:  We all know what mattress depth (thickness) is, so no further explanation on that. If you are ordering from a section that asks for the mattress depth, simply choose from the drop down menu the exact depth of your mattress. We will then size the sheets accordingly.

Pocket Depth:  Pocket depth is the measurement of the corner seam on the fitted sheet. When deciding what pocket depth you need for your mattress, please know that you need two or three extra inches for tucking under the mattress. For example: if your mattress is 10" deep, you will need a 12" or 13" fitted pocket.

Many people believe that a good fitting sheet is derived by properly sizing the pocket depth only, but this is not true. ALL THREE measurements are important to obtain the proper fit.

When determining the pocket depth, you DO NOT need to calculate for shrinkage. All of our fabrics are tested for shrinkage and overcut by the determined shrinkage rate. When new, the sheet will appear big, but after washing it will be the size ordered. It may take two washings to obtain the full shrinkage, but most of the shrinkage will occur in the first washing.

What You Can Do If Your Mattress Has Been Undercut

First of all, if your mattress has NOT been undercut, congratulations!! You simply need to order the standard size sheet set for your bed (full, queen, king, etc).

If you find that YOUR MATTRESS HAS BEEN UNDERCUT, we can make sheets that fit. That's what we do.

FOR THE BEST FIT, we recommend customizing to the exact width and length of your mattress, especially if it is off by two inches in one direction. We do not charge extra for customizing; The price is the same as the standard size. The only difference is that the sheet set is considered custom and non-returnable.

If you would like to customize, you may do so online. Simply choose the standard size and then during the checkout process leave us a note in the comment box located under the billing section letting us know your exact mattress measurements and that you would like to customize. It's that simple.

We hope this information is helpful. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions and we will be happy to assist you. We are here to help make your night's rest a more comfortable night's rest.

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